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Dunes Manor

About Dunes Manor 

The Dunes Manor Hotel opened on April 1, 1987 and quickly became an Ocean City, Maryland landmark.  

Milton and  Thelma Conner were married in 1940.  After working at the Hastings-Miramar Hotel in the early days of Ocean City, and later working side by side at the Dunes Motel (now known as the Dunes Court), they dreamt of opening a full service hotel on an inherited vacant oceanfront block of land.  Many years were spent in the planning stages of the dunes Manor Hotel.  Unfortunately Milton Conner fell ill.  After his death, Mrs Conner received several phone calls asking her when she planned to sell?  "Sell?" She was determined to see their dream come to life.  Mrs. Conner would joke that "some thought I was an old fool to build a hotel at the age of 74 years old."  So with her humorous spirit the hotel was officially open on April Fools Day!

Tradition of Afternoon Tea

Tradition of Afternoon Tea

During Mrs. Conner's experience working at the Hastings Hotel, she noted "There were many interesting conversations that led to friendships among the guests."  So, when planning the guest experience at the Dunes Manor Hotel, not only were the modern conveniences important; but Mrs. Conner also wanted to provide as many opportunities as possible for the guests to interact among themselves and with the staff. Thus, the tradition of the Dunes Manor Hotel Afternoon Signature Tea was born!

Please join us for Afternoon Tea daily at 3:00 p.m. in the lobby of the Dunes Manor Hotel and celebrate this tradition with us!

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